The trade of intestines on tubes

This activity was created to answer the request of customers who wished to have menus of sheep and hog casings ready to be embossed. The putting on tubes of the menus is realized in our suppliers’ labs in China, Poland, Egypt or Morocco.

The menus of sheep and pork are "threaded" on tubes of plastic of alimentary quality, the diameter of which varies according to the calibre of intestines.

On every tube, there are several meters of intestines in one or several ends. The superimposing of the various pieces extremities insures continuity and facilitates the embossing.

The tube intestines are conditioned in boxes by lots from 15 to 30 HANKS and immersed in some brine of salt. Boxes are stored in the cold room for "finished products", looking forward to the delivery.

We deliver, by refrigerated transports, two types of products bound to our two different activities : natural intestines in dry salt, menus of sheep and pork on tube in brine of salt. Our suppliers answer all the European sanitary requirements.

boyaux tubés sont conditionnés en caisse

Intestines on tubes are conditioned in boxes looking forward for the delivery.

intestines on tubes